Weso Stoves

Feb 24, 2012

A Weso stove is a type of ceramic, radiant heat stove designed for home use. These stoves were made by a company of the same name based out of East Germany. Or, contact the owner WESO AURORAHUTTE GMBH of the RENNAISSANCE trademark by filing a description provided to the USPTO for RENNAISSANCE is CERAMIC TILE WOOD-BURNING STOVES. Ceramic wood stoves make excellent alternative stoves to save money on fuel. 100# PROPANE TANK LIKE NEW Jun 19 100 # propane tank like new must see.Call for more info. The Ceramic Stove Company specialises in the construction, installation and renovation of Ceramic stoves and ovens worldwide. I was fortunate enough to have found a Weso wood burning stove before they quit importing them. It is hands down the best stove available for "radiant" heat.

Weso Stoves

  • The WESO model 125 wood/coal burning stove is the best on market for heating a mid size house.
  • I have been using one for over 35 years with no problems.
  • I have a high output WESO stove for sale.
  • It is a collectible stove with the raised oak hearth option.
  • I am trying to revive my father's old WESO stove.
  • I am a bit confused with the documentation.

More information about Weso Stoves on the site: http://helios.com.ba

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