Railroad Caboose Stoves

Apr 2, 2012

Camping stove and fuel (The caboose has a provided by train personnel for your use. For your safety and that of the caboose, take great care with the heating stove. For rec room, lawn ornament, or outdoor use. Nostalgic. Can anyone identify this stove – was it used in a caboose or depot? it is about 2' tall and the vent is D shaped. This is a genuine wood/coal stove used in a railroad caboose. It was originally bolted to the floor (notice no legs) so it could not tip over. US Stove Company Model 1869 Caboose Potbelly Wood Stove: Amazon. Yesterday at a swap meet in Eugene, Oregon a dealer had for sale an item that he had labeled "S.P. Caboose Stove" The trouble was that it was miniature.

Railroad Caboose Stoves

  • Kearney share a meal inside a Wabash caboose while working a freight train from Bluffs, Ill., to Keokuk, Iowa.
  • Baptist grilled a steak on the caboose's propane stove.
  • Both wood- and coal-burning stoves were used.
  • They provided heat, along with being a place to cook meals and make coffee.
  • Even the origin of the word caboose is disputed.
  • Railroad his-torical authority D. L. Joslyn, a their own mattresses and bed linen, easy chairs, even cook stoves.

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