Old Timer Wood Stoves

Jun 25, 2012

for sale, For sale: Old timer 2 door wood stove. Large stove that also has a heat reclaime. Americanlisted has classifieds in Decatur, Illinois for the home. Wood Stove Coalstove, Fireplace & Equipment Directory, 1981, p. 153, Nightingale Coal Miser, top of page. Trade Names: Beaumont (wood burning stove, gas space heaters), Old Timer (wood burning stove). You found the "old timer wood stove" at Shopping. Used Wood Stoves can be a better option for someone who's looking for a budget way of heating their house and cannot afford a brand new model.

Old Timer Wood Stoves

  • Built late seventies-early eighties? Good wood stove for lake cabin, garage, hunting lodge.
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  • Oven Door Handles, Heat Vent Covers & Oven and Griddle Glass for your antique stove.
  • Old Guides for International Automatic Oven Timer & International Interval Timer.
  • I have an "old timer" wood stove for sale.

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