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Jul 22, 2011

Heating a home with a pellet stove can provide effective and affordable heating to ward off the winter chill. Pellet stoves allow you to burn a wide variety of biofuels, including wood pellets in various grades, 100% corn, sunflower seeds, and wheat. Pellet stoves are fast becoming the most favored option for heating households. Having the best pellet stove will give you the most heat for your money. Looking for the Best pellet & wood stove? Consumer Reports has honest Ratings and Reviews on pellet & wood stoves from the unbiased experts you can trust. Top Brands of Wood Pellet Stoves and Corn Burning Stoves. Contact Obadiah's for pellet fired stoves and pellet inserts, pellet and corn furnaces at discount prices.

Nevels Stoves

  • Wood-burning, gas-burning, and pellet-burning fireplace stoves from Lennox Hearth Products provide efficient heating and a unique style.
  • Nevels Stoves is your one stop shopping center for all your hearth needs.
  • Featuring Discount pricing on name brand Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves.
  • 300 Instant Rebate on all Harman stoves and inserts Click Here.
  • The DC 2000 pellet stove is the right choice for so many reasons.
  • Provides information on what pellet stoves are, how they work and popular brands.

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