Home Comfort Wood Cook Stoves

Mar 4, 2012

for sale, We have an all porcelain 20 year old home comfort wood cook stove for sale. At my cabin, I cook and heat the place with a wood burning cook stove. In a kitchen drawer was a well-worn "Home Comfort Cook Book. The Home Comfort 1930 wood stove is a wood-burning stove that is still available today. Wrought Iron Range Company of St. Louis began making Home Comfort wood cook stoves in the late 1800s and continued the line until the 1940s. century, the beautifully ornamented wood and coal range was the heart of the home, and around it revolved the life of the entire family. Home Comfort Range cookbook was compiled and published for presentation to purchasers St. Louis, Missouri.

Home Comfort Wood Cook Stoves

  • They started making ranges in 1864 with "Farmer" Cook Stove.
  • That's about what we pay for old wood heaters.
  • My home comfort cost $175.00, twenty years ago and it doesn't have the water closet.
  • Antique wood stoves an alternative home heating solution: antique wood stoves, pot belly stoves, franklin stoves.
  • Retro appliances and Vintage Kitchen cook stoves wood.
  • of kitchen appliances including Cook Stoves Other Wood Cookstoves include The Queen Cook and Woodsman.

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