Hillrange Propane Stoves

Oct 13, 2011

Hunter Owner Forums > The Cherubini Hunters Our boat has a Hillerange kerosene burning stove. Question – I have a three burner Hillerange Propane stove/oven. Find the answer to this and other Appliance questions on JustAnswer. The trend is away from alchohol pressurized stoves to propane. You may have trouble finding another Kenyon. princess,hillerange Quality marine and rv appliances. My Oday 28 came with a 2 burner Hillerange stove with oven.

Hillrange Propane Stoves

  • In the fall we removed the Hillerange stove and oven w/tank from our 1976 Pearson.
  • We just bought the boat last spring we wanted to change to propane.
  • 1972 Irwin 37cc hull #29 Stove Information.
  • Marine stoves use one of several combustible fuels or electricity to produce heat for cooking onboard.
  • Hiking, Whisky, & Random Thoughts Here is a quick comparison of my backpacking stoves.
  • quot;I've had this stove for over three years now and it has never let me down.

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