Hi Teck Stoves

Nov 10, 2011

At Hi-Tec we're passionate about footwear. From lightweight walking & hiking boots, to comfortable running & court shoes, all use the latest innovative technology. environment, a secondary combustion feature has been built into every Heat Tech stove. to support the product directly, you will be directed to contact the company directly for further direction. The Hi-Teck Fan System will eliminate heat stratification usually located near stoves and ceilings. quot;I had a major Dryer malfunction, so I called Hi-Tech to fix the problem. Hi-Tech Appliance Inc in Louisville, CO 80027.

Hi Teck Stoves

  • Snaidero’s design uses ionization technology to clean odors from the air while ridding it of pollutants.
  • Wood heating isn't what it used to be. It's now clean, efficient and, in the right stove, high-tech.
  • And, as it's always been, it's a renewable resource.
  • This is the tin can twig stove hoboes have used for cooking since time immemorial.
  • High tech kitchen stove Manufacturers directory – over 6,284,619 registered importers and exporters.
  • I just bought a hi-tec propane camping stove — but it looks very similar to the coleman model and I’m sure the methods are similar.

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