Garage Wood Stoves

Jun 14, 2011

I recently acquired an old wood burning stove for use in my garage. Hello, all. I was recently practically given a Fisher wood stove/mobile home heat stove, and I'm in the process of setting it up in my garage. Well the wood burning stove in a garage theoretically is in a location with other flammable materials and or fuel in your car. Wod stove, sparks, fumes = BOOM. Hello all, Looking for some feedback on this topic. I have a 24×48 detacted garage that I would like to heat over the winter (in WI) by the use of a wood stove. Sometimes I work in the garage in the cold weather, but only briefly. Shop for garage wood stoves at Target Everyday free shipping.

Garage Wood Stoves

  • You've got the right place for finding the best small wood stoves.
  • They are ideal for a small one-room cabin or cottage, or perhaps a garage or shed.
  • When it comes to heating your garage or workshop, consider electric garage heaters as an alternative to a wood stove.
  • Wood Burning Heaters, Pros and Cons of a Wood Burning Furnace Wood burning heaters have com a long way since the days of the old pot-bellied stove.
  • Best Answer: Wood stoves as a primary source of heat are very very high risk.
  • I am going to build a detached garage this summer.

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