Galley Maid Stoves

Jun 1, 2012

I have a Galley Maid Two Burner Stove/Oven for sale . Unit is used, but only used twice. Fuel is denatured alcohol with fuel tank included. Does anybody know where to get parts for these stoves. Remanufacture d and Replacement Pumps and Parts Sent for Galley Maid Marine Power Corp. Ask or Answer a Question to Join our Community. It fit right into the old alcohol Galley Maid spot. We recently purchased Ericson 30 with galley maid alcohol stove – stove works fine but pressure tank should be replaced.

Galley Maid Stoves

  • I'm looking for a used alcohol stove (pressurized Galley Maid would be ideal, but they are so very rare).
  • The other company that might be able to help is BlueWater Stove Restoration in Oregon.
  • The Empress ranges are made of all stainless steel construction for long life and appearance.
  • Purchase quality Force10 Galley Ranges including the 4-Burner Gas Gimballed Galley Range from Force10 at Marine Warehouse.
  • Fireplaces not only provide warmth; they also add ambiance and beauty to any room environment.
  • Gas stoves offer high efficiency, cleanliness and maintain your healthy home environment.

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