Fisher Mama Bear Wood Stoves

May 25, 2012

Fisher woodstove, I believe it is a Mama Bear. The Fisher Baby Bear was the small entry in the model line, but has some nice features. My grandparents had a Fisher (Mama Bear, I think) in their old house, and it was a We have a free-standing Fisher wood stove in our Living Room. My husband and I just purchased a old fisher wood burning stove. The Papa, Mama and Baby Bear models each had a single door design. The wood stove is hooked to a chimney that the I had a Mama Bear Fisher for yearsand years. There were four Fisher stove models: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Grandpa Bear and Baby Bear.

Fisher Mama Bear Wood Stoves

  • FOR SALE – Catskills, NY "A very nice used Fisher Wood Stove.
  • Your source for Fisher Wood Stove, Fisher Wood momma bear.
  • In the Fisher wood stove line's catalog, each model is named after a Bear, including the Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, Grandma Bear and Grandpa Bear Fisher Stoves.
  • Fisher wood stoves have been around for quite some time now. Fisher wood stoves could put out as much as 60 to 80 grams of smoke per kilogram of wood burned.
  • Take your Ice Castle Fish House to the next level of comfort with interior accessories from lighting and ice fishing, to stoves and mattresses.
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