Charter Oak Stoves

Feb 17, 2012

Salesman sample stove, "Charter Oak No. 103", mfgd. You are bidding on a beautiful, blue enamel, nickel plated, Charter Oak Air Tight No. 24, Parlor Stove. i also have a charter oak wood burning stove number 217 and would like info on it as well, the history, value, etc. thanks renovateyourworld. Have 3 old stoves and 2 of them are Charter Oad stoves, Would like to sell all three in package deal. How about wood burning stove value? Depends on the stove, age, and condition. Sort of like asking the value of a car- a LOT more information is needed. Charter Oak stoves would eventually be used across the country.

Charter Oak Stoves

  • MHS Home . No. 10 Charter Oak Hotel Cook Stove . Featured in the Excelsior Stove Works 1860 price list.
  • Charnwood Wood Burning & Multifuel Stoves availabe from the Cheshire Design Centre.
  • Charnwood are UK manufacturers of the finest multi-fuel and wood burning stoves.
  • We have over 70 stoves on display and many different fires and fireplace.
  • Browse through our collection of leading makes to find the stove tailored to your requirements.
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