Ben Franklin Wood Stoves

Nov 5, 2011

Franklin fireplace stove – Find the largest selection of franklin fireplace stove on sale. Antique Franklin Stoves at The Barnstable Stove Shop. We sell and restores world class, antique stoves and antique kitchen ranges. Old stoves – we buy, sell and restore antique stoves. Wood stoves have been a popular and effective way to warm a home since before Benjamin Franklin designed his circulating stove. A freestanding, cast-iron, wood-burning stove, open at the front and with baffles at the back to improve airflow. Good Ben Franklin wood stove, Alot of these stoves are missing the (2) brass globes on top of stove.

Ben Franklin Wood Stoves

  • This stove is in excellent condition and was just removed from the house to be replaced with a gas fireplace.
  • Franklin cast iron stove – Find the largest selection of franklin cast iron stove on sale.
  • The Franklin stove is a metal-lined fireplace named as long as the fire burned.
  • Want to know all about Franklin Wood Stoves.
  • 1742 Ben Franklin invents the open stove as the Franklin Stove.
  • The appliance allowed people to warm their homes less dangerously and with less wood.

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